New brand at Trés Bien: Needles

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If Engineered Garments, with its Woolrich fabrics and fetishized hunting gear/surplus, was an introductory course on the hyper-referential world of Nepenthes, Needles is the advanced class. Another line from Japanese masters Nepenthes, Needles applies their detail-obsession a broader swath of heritage than most others. It's heritagewear through a psychedelic kaleidoscope.

The samples we saw for fall 2012 cranked the idiosyncracy meter to 11 with paisley and dip-dye fabrics and fearless use of fuzzed out mohair and polyester fleece, studded shoes and browline glasses.

It's hard to stand out at Pitti Uomo where all clothing trends come to mingle and a lot of lines start to look the same, but Needles managed.